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Consulting, Due diligence, Investments, Legal Services, Patent and Trademark Law Services, Translation and Interpretation, Other Litigation, Arbitration, Private Client Services

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Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China (Bencham)

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English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese

About R&P China Lawyers

R&P China Lawyers is one of the few Chinese law firms under international management, exclusively supporting international businesses in China. We combine in-depth legal expertise and broad experience of the Chinese business environment with a keen understanding of the needs of our foreign clients. Committed to excellence, reliability, loyalty and integrity, our lawyers and consultants take a transparent and personal approach to address your legal issues in an efficient and effective manner. Our Chinese lawyers and international managers focus on supporting international corporate clients that invest in China or engage with Chinese counterparts. We have a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese legal environment in which our clients operate, which enables us to fully grasp the legal challenges that you are facing. Our first task is always to fully appreciate your concerns, to identify key issues, and to discuss with you our role in tackling such issues. On the other hand, your professionals must have more than just general knowledge. We offer broad, practical experience and the in-depth expertise that is needed to identify, advise on and implement optimal solutions to your legal challenges in China in the practice areas that are core to your business, including the following: Corporate / Investment (FDI, M&A, due diligence, liquidation, corporate governance) Commercial (contracts, disputes) Intellectual Property (registration, transfer, protection, enforcement) Employment (contracts, staff handbook, termination, dispute) Tax, Forex and Customs (advice, regulartory negotiations and disputes) Dispute Resolution (litigation, arbitration, mediation) Private Client Services (criminal, administrative, exit restrictions)