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Knowledge Centre Coordinator

Tomas is the Knowledge Centre Coordinator at the EU SME Centre. He assists the experts with their tasks at the Knowledge Centre and is partly responsible for coordinating trainings and events. Tomas has an extensive educational background. He studied Chinese, business communication and international business in Leiden, Antwerp and Beijing. Besides excelling in his native tongue Dutch, he is proficient in English and Mandarin Chinese. 

Another passion that reflects his personality is undertaking adventurous trips by racing bike. He made trips from Amsterdam to Rome, Vienna, Bordeaux and Prague, through which he experienced the beauty and diversity of authentic Europe. He hopes to discover China in the same way too.

Before Tomas moved to China and started working for the Centre, he gained some managerial and organizational experience through night-managing a conference centre and organizing business and educational with several student councils. Along the way, he has experienced the value of teamwork and has become a trusted team player and leader.
His motto: "Know how to plan your route, know how to ride your bike, but always cycle together!"