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Technology Transfer to China

By EU SME Centre | Business Solution      21.04.2016     Tags:

Our Services

We help you to get in touch with the technology market in China by:

  • Evaluating the opportunities and the challenges of your technology; 

  • Understanding the main features of the market;

  • Planning your market entry.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Understanding the model and specifications of the technology;
  2. Checking whether the technology is permitted, restricted or prohibited to be transferred to China;
  3. Advising whether it needs to be only registered or needs to go via an approval process; 
  4. Providing advice on the methods of the transfer (e.g. licensing, investment, selling rights etc.) and concept of the technology transfer;
  5. Advising on the content of the technology transfer agreement and the process of registration (approval);
  6. Giving general advice on the protection of rights and linking you to the China IPR SME Helpdesk;
  7. Verifying business partners;
  8. Advising on the financial aspect of the deal – standard methods of payment for the technology transfer (royalties), foreign currency exchange control;
  9. Advice on taxation.

Our Team

This service is provided by the Centre’s legal team, which has extensive experience in serving European SMEs in the Chinese market. Read more here.

Service Process

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