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In-house Training - For Your China Business

By EU SME Centre | Business Solution      14.11.2016     Tags:


Plugging the knowledge and skills gaps of SMEs entering the China market, we offer our training programmes both face-to-face and online through our webinar platform.

Understanding China | Training Programme for Intermediaries

Understanding China is a training programme developed for intermediary organisations in Europe such as government agencies, industry associations, chamber of commerce, trade promotion agencies or clusters.

It consists of a series of seminars, condensed workshops and panel discussions that focus on the emerging trends in China’s changing economy and discuss impacts on businesses from your country.  It is a unique opportunity for participants to refresh the professional network and establish new business and government connections from both China and Europe. 

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What We Offer 

A tailored training workshop or seminar presented to your team in Europe. Designed to provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge on your industry in the Chinese market as presented by our China experts. Enabling you to get insights into the Chinese market from the comfort of your own office. 

Our In-house Training covers a wide range of areas and is tailored in each case to your company’s needs:  

China Business Essentials

Exporting To China

Setting Up In China

Seizing Chinese Business Opportunities In Home Country

  • Servicing Chinese Outbound Investment
  • Servicing Chinese Outbound Tourism

Online Training

Offering SMEs the chance to access the Centre's expertise from their office, no matter where they are.

Further Information

To view full training programmes, log in to download our Training Programme Catalogue here

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For more information about the Centre's training programmes, click here.

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Upcoming trainings?

You can always stay up to stay on when we have our next online or offline training workshop both in China and EU by either checking the calendar, subscribe to our monthly newsletter or simply follow our social media accounts (@EU SME Centre) where we post daily! 

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