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End-to-End Solutions for European Exporters

By EU SME Centre | Business Solution      12.07.2016     Tags:

Check out our services that assist to bring products from your home country to China.

1. Conducting Preliminary Market Research 


  • Discussing with your team to define the scope of the research project

  • Providing practical advice for the structure, methodology and data resources 

  • Writing and editing the market report 

  • Reviewing the report with your team to incorporate your feedback 

  • Delivering the final report 

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 2. Advising on the Exporting Process

  • Conduct in-depth market research to analyse the opportunities and challenges for your products to be sold in the Chinese market

  • Provide a complete technical requirement framework, including product standards, labelling, packaging and required certifications

  • Prepare a step-by-step roadmap for the exporting process

  • Offer practical and detailed advice on export mode options, implementation plan and cost

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 3. Connecting You with Experienced Chinese Importers, Agents and Distributors

Phase One 

  • Conducing market research in your targeted sector and providing you an updated overview of the market size, consumer preferences and import data

  • Identifying a list of experienced importers, agents and distributors in the market 

  • Carrying out a series of surveys to the importers, agents and distributors to find out if they would be interested in selling your products through their local channels 

  • Preparing a summary report that includes feedback from the Chinese side and a list of practical recommendation to the next steps 

Phase Two 

  • Arranging face-to-face meetings for you and Chinese importers, agents and distributors 

  • Providing logistic support such as transportation and interpretation to facilitate the meetings upon requests 

  • Preparing a comprehensive final report with practical recommendation

  • Conducting one month follow-up services

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 4. Verifying Chinese Companies 

Verifying a Company’s Administrative and Legal Standing

  • Chinese Business Licence

  • Foreign Trade Operator Registration Form

  • Legal Representative

  • Legitimate Business Scope and Relevant Certificates

  • Check Against Debtors of Unenforced Judgement

  • Company Chop

  • Website Information

  • Industry Association

Verifying a Company’s Operational Status if the Company is located in Beijing or Surrounding Area

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