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Exporting Products to China

By EU SME Centre | Business Solution      30.03.2016     Tags:

Help You Navigate the Path from Chinese Customs to Consumers
And Decipher the Process of Bringing Your Products from Europe to China  
The EU SME Centre provides market access services to help you get familiar with the Chinese regulatory framework in your targeted industry and practical advice on how to enter the market.
Our Services

Preliminary Market Research

  • Identify market opportunities and entry options specific to your products

  • Generate infographics explaining technical requirements to export your products to China 

  • Provide a list of recommendations

China Market Entry Strategy  

  • Conduct in-depth market research to analyse the opportunities and challenges for your products to be sold in the Chinese market

  • Provide a complete technical requirement framework, including product standards, labelling, packaging and required certifications

  • Prepare a step-by-step roadmap for the exporting process  

  • Offer practical and detailed advice on export mode options, implementation plan and cost


Our Team
This service is provided by the Centre’s Standards & Conformity team, which has extensive experience in providing market access and standards advice for European SMEs looking to export to China. Read more here.
Service Process
Send an email to our Standards & Conformity team, describing the issues and relevant documents you have and assistance you need.
You will receive service details including the price list and estimated time.
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And Decipher the Process of Brining Your Products from Europe to China
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