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Company Verification in China

By EU SME Centre | Business Solution      03.03.2016     Tags:

Protect Your Business from the Most Common Scams and Frauds in China

The EU SME Centre provides a Chinese Company Verification Service to help you save time, money and give reassurance that you have the right information to identify reliable business partners in China.

Our Services

Verifying a Company’s Administrative and Legal Standing

1. Chinese Business Licence (营业执照)

  • Verify the authenticity of a Chinese business licence

  • Obtain information of the Chinese company registered in the official company register - State Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC) or its competent local branch and compare that with the information indicated on the business licence

2. Foreign Trade Operator Registration Form (对外贸易经营者备案登记表)

  • Verify if the Chinese company is eligible to import your products to China

3. Legal Representative

  • Cross check the information on the ID card with the information of the legal representative on the foreign trade operator registration form

4. Legitimate Business Scope and Relevant Certificates

  • Check if the Chinese company has the qualification to engage in the relevant specific business activities

5. Check Against Debtors of Unenforced Judgement (未结的执行实施案件的被执行人信息)

  • Check if the Chinese company or its legal representative has due obligations from not complying with court decisions

6. Company Chop

  • Examine if the company chop may be fake and contact the local public security bureau for primary confirmation when needed.

7. Website Information

  • Review details of website content such as language, address of the company, contact information, introduction, and evaluate if there are any suspicious elements

8. Industry Association

  • Check independently with the company’s membership association, and compare it with the information provided by the company or its contact in the association

Verifying a Company’s Operational Status if the Company is located in Beijing or Surrounding Area

Visit the Chinese company’s premises to:

  • Check conditions of the office premises and production area

  • Observe operational activities

  • Talk with workers and company staff

  • See in person the original legal documents of the company

  • Ask the legal representative to send staff to visit the credit reference centre to acquire the credit report of the company

Due Diligence Report  

You will receive a due diligence report on the company, based on the Centre’s findings.

Our Team

This service is provided by the Centre’s legal team, which has extensive experience in serving European SMEs in the Chinese market. Read more here.

Service Process

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