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Chinese Business Partner Search

By EU SME Centre | Business Solution      03.05.2016     Tags:

The EU SME Centre helps you identify Chinese business partners such as importers, agents and distributors who have successful experience in selling your type of products in China, collect feedback and evaluate their interests in importing your products to the country.

Our Services 

Phase One 

  • Conducting market research in your targeted sector and providing you with an updated overview of the market size, consumer preferences and import data

  • Identifying a list of experienced importers, agents and distributors in the market 

  • Carrying out a series of surveys to the importers, agents and distributors to find out if they would be interested in selling your products through their local channels 

  • Preparing a summary report that includes feedback from the Chinese side and a list of practical recommendation to the next steps 

Phase Two 

  • Arranging face-to-face meetings for you and Chinese importers, agents and distributors 

  • Providing logistic support such as transportation and interpretation to facilitate the meetings upon requests 

  • Preparing a comprehensive final report with practical recommendation

  • Conducting one-month follow-up services

Our Team

This service is provided by the Centre’s Business Development team. Read more here.

Service Process

Send an email to our Business Development team, describing your product and the assistance you need.

You will receive service details including the price list and estimated time.

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