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SIC Consultant Limited

  • Type of services:

    Accounting, Auditing and Tax Services, Consulting, Due diligence, Real Estate and Commercial Office Solutions, Patent and Trademark Law Services, Translation and Interpretation

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  • Languages spoken:

    Chinese, English

  • City:

    Hangzhou, Shanghai

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Contact Info

Jason Cheng

Senior Advisor

Accounting and Tax Advisory

T: +86 (0)21 6333 2600
Fax: +86 (0)21 6333 2601
E: jasoncheng@sicconsultant.com


12D, Phase 1, East Ocean Center, No. 588 Yan'an East Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China. 200001

Company background

As one of the most trusted localization service providers, we realize that every business plan is unique, and we bring each one to its fullest expression and potential. Our services prepare clients for long-term success by building meaningful relationships and through our professional consulting. Your SIC consultant will provide assuring services to you in the following areas: China entry strategy and business advisory Incorporation Accounting and Tax practises Compliance HR & Payroll ERP and Accounting systems advisory and implementation Corporate services With us, your business objectives are within reach.