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    China (South)

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Contact Info

Hui Peng

Manage and establish collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with banks, financial/non-financial institutions, Chamber of Commerce and institutional stakeholders involved in the international trade supply chain.

Partnerships Manager

T: +86 20-39128764
E: nanding.li@nu-credits.com; hui.peng@nu-credits.com.cn

901 621 Tianhe Road Tianhe District Guangzhou, China

Company background

We are a trade finance marketplace, making trade finance accessible to SMEs by connecting them to global lenders. With our back-end infrastructure and integrated tools we help lenders underwrite trade finance credits to potential SMEs. These SMEs can be exporters who are looking to secure payment for the goods they have supplied or importers who want to procure goods with the intention of selling them onwards. Whereas, lenders/investors are entities who will be looking to invest/finance the transactions of these SMEs. On top of trade finance, we also provide debt collection and trade assurance services to solve the problems that ususally involved with international trade which appear to be all the more serious in the post pandemic era. We are dedicated to assist EU SMEs’development in not only China but across the world with not only financial solutions but a one-stop service as well