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The Private Label Food Products Market in China

By EU SME Centre | Report      28.01.2022     Tags: Food & Beverages

The private label food products market in China is large and ever-changing, and one needs to have a good understanding of the market before entering.

This report on the private label food products market begins by laying out the definition of a private label product, and contrasting it with white label products, before highlighting the key categories. The report then proceeds to shed light on the market as a whole and its newest developments, including its distribution channels and key categories; details the market’s key actors, brands, and competitors of EU SMEs; reveals the challenges and opportunities that EU SMEs may face; and finally presents case studies for reference and further understanding.

In order to provide relevant, concise, and focused information, this report focuses on a few key aspects:

  • In terms of distribution channels, private label food products in China are concentrated in supermarkets, convenience stores, food product distributors, and online platforms.

  • Olive oil, wine, beer, and pet food are key product categories that are highlighted and discussed, providing an overview of the products’ market, consumer trends, and main suppliers and competitors.

  • Recent key developments laid out in this report include the weakening of advantages inherent with certain retail and distribution channels in a fast-changing market, which forces companies to quickly respond and adapt, and product segmentation to meet increasingly diverse consumer demands.


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