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The Medical Devices Market in China

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After the 2015 Subsector Report: Medical Devices Market in China, specific provisions and regulations for medical devices in China were released by the Chinese government. With the most recent changes taken into account, we provide you the newly updated Subsector Report on the Medical Devices Market in China.

China’s demographics will lead to an increased need for hospitals and medical devices. The sales of medical devices continue to increase rapidly, reaching a total value of CNY 370 billion (EUR 47 billion). For EU SMEs most opportunities can be found in selling mid to high-end medical devices to China’s Class Three hospitals.

Although the industry is growing, challenges can be found in the low-end medical devices segment and the increased government support to local manufacturers. Changes in procurement regulations might also create new difficulties for new and established EU SMEs.

Key Contents

Regulatory Bodies, Policies, Regulations, Definitions and Classifications

  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Policies and Regulations
  • Definitions & Classifications
  • Medical Device Registration

Market Overview

  • Market Size and Performance
  • Imports & Exports
  • Key Growth Drivers
  • Market Structure
  • Buyer Segmentation & Consumption Trends
  • Supply Chain Structure
  • Market Outlook and Forecasts

Case Studies

  • Case Study I: China Registration & Consultation Service
  • Case Study 2: Nanjing D&R Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Opportunities and Challenges

  • Opportunities
  • Challenges

Practical Advice on How to Access the Market

Report Summary


Relevant Associations & Chambers
Useful Websites


Annex I: Terminology

Annex II: Provisions and Regulations for Medical Devices in China

Annex III: Medical Device Classification

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