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Knowing Your Partners in China (2018 Update)

By EU SME Centre | Report      27.05.2018     Tags: Others

“Knowing your partners in China” is a concise guide to due diligence regarding potential business partners in China.

From verifying a company’s administrative and legal standing to checklists for visits to the partner’s premises, it covers all areas basic due diligence is concerned with.

The booklet includes information on essential documents that need to be checked and how to go about it, introduces the most common scams and ways to avoid falling for them as well as presenting best practices and a list of authorities able to provide help.

In this report, you will learn:
  • The importance of finding the right partner in China
    • What and why due diligence?
    • Types of due diligence
    • Seven rules of due diligence
  • Verifying a company’s administrative and legal standing
    • The business licence
    • The company stamp
    • Permits and licences
    • Premises and land
    • Intellectual property rights
  • Verifying a company’s financial status
    • Company capital and liability
    • Financial statements and audit reports
  • Verifying a company’s operational status
    • Visiting the partner’s premises
    • Verifying the company’s organisational structure
  • Practical due diligence tips
    • Frequent scams and mistakes
    • The imposter
    • The fixer
    • The bank account
  • Due diligence best practices
  • List of Public authorities

This report is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Login to select the language version you would like to download.

The English version has been updated in 2018. 

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