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The Imported Wine Market in China 2018

By EU SME Centre | Report      02.04.2018     Tags: Food & Beverages


The European Union (EU) is the world leader in wine production, accounting for almost half of the world’s vine-growing area and about 60 percent of wine production by volume. Currently, 22 out of 28 EU Member States (almost 80%) export wine to China, where the market of imported wines is valued at EUR 2.5 billion and where EU wineries or traders supply more than half of Chinese wines, in terms of value.

However, the market changes at a rapid pace, with healthy growth and new entrants and it is thus important to report yearly. This 25-page report encompasses useful information on the market size, trends and distribution channels, competitors and price tranches, the nature of consumer wine demand, the role of online and cross-border channels for selling wine in China, digital marketing techniques, the top 100 importers and most importantly projections for 2018. In fact, with the current trends as a basis, 2018 wine imports are forecast to surpass 8 million hectoliters, including bulk wines.

Although expectations are high, so are challenges. EU wineries have to face the competition of better customs conditions due to FTAs, such as Chile, New Zeland, Australia and Georgia.

Yet, we encourage you to consider selling your wine in China accompanying your approach with a sound plan which this report will help you delineate!

Key Contents


  • Introduction
  • Imported Wine Highlights
  • 2017 Performance
  • 2018 Performance

Still Wine Imports

Sparkling Wine Imports

Bulk Wines

Price Demography of Wines

European Union Countries



  • Top 100 Importers of Bottled Wine
  • Exhibitions
  • Other Resources
  • Tables

About the Author

Rafael Jimenez. MSc in Physics, is the Business Development Advisor at the EU SME Centre in Beijing. With a proved experience in FMCG sales in China, Rafael keeps careful track of the wine business, being closely in touch with participants throughout the supply chain, wineries, export managers, traders, Customs’ agents and forwarders, importers, retailers, restaurants, wine experts, and consumers. Publishes regularly about the wine business in China, and in writing the report Rafael paid special attention to the many questions or doubts from wineries that the EU SME Centre has received and responded over the years.

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