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Post event | The Organic Food & Beverage Sector in China

By EU SME Centre | Press Article      01.10.2021     Tags:

On 30 September, the EU SME Centre (the Centre) and Sicindustria, both partners of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), organised an online training workshop aiming at informing European SMEs about the organic F&B landscape in China.
The session was organised in the framework of ExpoCook 2021, an international trade fair and B2B brokerage event gathering participants from all around the world, and it was available for all the participants of the fair through the dedicated online conference platform created for this purpose.
The participants were welcomed by Ms. Giada Platania, head of international affairs at Sicindustria. After a brief  presentation of the Centre, Mr. Pablo Recio and Mr. Rubén Martínez took the floor to explain the participants that the rising awareness of the Chinese consumers towards healthy, nutrition and food safety has a positive impact in the organic sector in China, which grew at a rate of 18.6% in 2020. The experts remarked the importance of understanding and applying the present regulation in order to avoid any legal risk. The workshop was followed by a Q&A session where the participants had the chance to exchange and ask specific questions to Pablo and Rubén.
If you missed this webinar or would like to re-watch it, you can find the recorded webinar on our YouTube channel [ here ]. If you want to learn more about the F&B sector in China, please visit our Knowledge Centre where you can find various market reports covering related topics. 
If you are a business support organisation in the EU or the COSME-participating countries and have affiliated SMEs interested in the Chinese market, please contact our Partnership Coordinator to obtain  further information  about our partnership programme and how we can organise a similar training with your organisation.
About Sicindustria
The regional branch of Confindustria and leading business federation in Sicily. Sicindustria represents the interest of more than 3,000 associated companies from all kinds of sectors by offering a wide range of services to SMEs and large scale companies. Sicindustria represents the industrial key players at regional level and tackles relevant matters for the economical and productive activities. Its foreign affairs unit plays a key role in supporting regional companies go international. As EEN partner, Sicindustria offers its internationalization services also to non-member companies.
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