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Meeting at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Beijing

By EU SME Centre | Press Article      12.05.2021     Tags:

On 6 May 2021the EU SME Centre met with Economic & Trade Counsellor of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Beijing, Ms. Martina Mihálová Šteliarová.

Slovakia is a strong player in the agricultural industry and has strong interest of exporting dairy and meat products to China. Currently, Slovakia is the only EU member state who has a protocol with China for exporting lamb and goat meat. Additionally, there is a growing interest in the Digital and Green industry, however Slovak SMEs are hesitant to consider China as a market, due to lack of resources, knowledge, language barriers etc.In the meeting, the EU SME Centre Director, Renzo Isler, introduced the Centre and its services for phase III and how we can support Slovak to get ready for the Chinese market.

For the 5th Silk Road International Exhibition, which will be held from 11 May 2021 in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, Slovakia was invited to be the Country of Honour. The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Beijing thus organised a Slovak Pavilion to represent Slovakia and its leading industries. Ms. Martina invited the Centre to meet during the exhibition in Xi’an to provide support for participating Slovak companies at the pavilion. Furthermore, interest from Slovak companies will be collected on topics for possible co-organised activities between the Centre and the embassy on how to enter specific industries in China, for the benefit of Slovak companies.

The Centre has previously worked with Slovak business support organisations (BSOs) and is interested in continuing establishing partnerships with Slovak BSOs for phase III of the project in order to increase outreach to Slovak companies. The Centre thus kindly requested the Embassy to put the Centre in contact with Slovak BSOs, e.g. the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO).

We hope to continue collaborating with the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Beijing through a series of activities to assist and support Slovak companiesas well as institutions, both to and in China.

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