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Meet Our Team Members

By EU SME Centre | Press Article      02.08.2018     Tags:

The EU SME Centre is proud to introduce to you our team members - a group of young, dynamic and multilingual professionals from Europe and China.

They are the people who have been coordinating and carrying out our activities with partners, supporting our experts on their training, business enquiries and publications, providing backend IT support, tracking all the information and putting them in good order. Their dedicated work has enabled the Centre to transit smoothly from two phases since 2011 and continue providing useful services for EU SMEs and partners. 

Get to know them from today!

Liam Jazcii
Business Development Officer & Knowledge Centre Coordinator
Ilaria Perla

Training Coordinator

Vivian Chen

Marketing & Communications Manager


Ester Cañada Amela

Advocacy and Working Group Coordinator

Diana Cui

Assistant to the Director & Office Manager

Shuo Zhang

IT Manager

Irina Silvano

Project Assistant

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