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Call for participants: China-Europe Energy Innovation Cooperation Work Streams

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To European SMEs in the energy sector:

The EU SME Centre is pleased to extend an invitation from the China Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute (EPPEI), to join a newly launched initiative: the China-Europe Energy Innovation Cooperation Work Streams. This follows a previous opportunity for visibility published in March, and still ongoing.

On 22April 2021, the National Energy Administration released the Guiding Opinions on Energy Work in 2021 (link in Chinese), indicating four priority areas for Europe-China cooperation in 2021, namely:

  • Smart Energy
  • Hydrogen Energy
  • Wind Power
  • Energy Storage

In line with these guidelines, EPPEIhas recently established fourWork Streams, reflecting the four priority areas for cooperation (working groups). The Work Streams can be seen as working groups, which have the objective of gathering European and Chinese companies together, to discussenergy cooperation opportunities and activities.Specifically, under each Work Stream, European companies will be invited to work closely with Chinese counterparts, to discuss, plan, develop and commercialise new solutions and advanced energy technologies, as well as to promote joint demonstration projects. The Work Streams have already been launched (see this link for an article, in Chinese, of a meeting held in early April).

European SMEs involved in any of these four areas are encouraged to join. It is understood that a number of European companies have already joined the four Work Streams. European SMEs based in Europe and not yet in China are equally encouraged to join.

Interested SMEs should fill in the application form (annex) and send it to info@eusmecentre.org.cn, before Friday 14 May 2021.

Note: the EU SME Centre is only acting as an intermediary, and will not be directly involved in the work of any of these Work Streams. But technical assistance, through one-to-one consultations, will be provided for free to participants from the EU SME Centre’s experts.


  • A1_Application form
  • A2_Outlook for Europe-China Energy Technology Innovation Cooperation (PPT)

About EPPEI and EU-China Energy Innovation Cooperation Office:

China Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute (EPPEI) is a national-level high-end consulting institution with a history of over 60 years. It is a public institution registered and managed by the State Commission Office of Public Sector Reform. EPPEI mainly provides services to government departments, financial institutions, and energy & power enterprises in research on areas such as industrial policy, development strategy, development planning and new technology, as well as project evaluation, consulting & technical services.

In 2020, EPPEI has been entrusted by the National Energy Administration of China (NEA) to establish the China-Europe Energy Innovation Cooperation Office in a bid to enhance EU-China cooperation on energy. The Office has held several exchange activities, and has successfully developed a number of projects by integrating state of art technologies of European companies into the whole solution. 

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