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Call for case studies: The Automotive and NEV Market in China

By EU SME Centre | Press Article      17.08.2021     Tags:

The EU SME Centre, together with its implementing partner China-Britain Business Council, are currently working on a new report on the automotive and new energy vehicle (NEV) market in China. This report will present an overview and key insights of China’s market for vehicles and new energy vehicles – including auto parts – to European SMEs by conducting a comprehensive and up-to-date research into the market. It will analyse key market aspects including size, structure, drivers and trends, key players, but also recent industry regulations and policies. It will finally map out the main opportunities and challenges in the market for European SMEs.

One section of the report will also include specific case studies. For this purpose, we are now calling for European SMEs that have entered the Chinese automotive and NEV sector, to share their experience and be featured as a case study in the report.

Structure and format of the case study

The case study can be either developed after a one-to-one interview with the EU SME Centre, or written directly by the interested company. It will cover the following aspects:

  • Company introduction
  • Procedure for exporting products to China/doing business with China, at different stages
  • Challenges encountered and how were these overcome
  • Lessons learned & tips for European SMEs

Both positive and negative experiences are welcome!

Application and deadline

Interested companies shall contact us, before 31 August 2021, at the following email address: alessio.petino@eusmecentre.org.cn

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