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Our Partners Said

This [training] was exactly what we needed, helping very much to fill the gaps in our understanding how Chinese food control administration is structured and in what sequence steps should be taken to arrive on the market”. 

- Ruve Schank, Head of Department, Ministry of Rural Affairs of the Republic of Estonia 


We advise the Centre strongly to our entrepreneurs already operating or starting in China because especially the tools, the guides and the FAQs are of high value to them. It is an excellent example of how such an organization should be: a constructive and result driven cooperation between different knowledge partners in favour of the EU-China business!

- Petra Van Bouwelen, Manager International Business, Voka Mechelen


The EU SME Centre provides highly professional assistance...For any corporate manager facing a new environment such as China, I would always recommend to double-check some key decisions with the EU SME Centre.” 

- Sònia Sagristà, General Manager, CIMNE (Beijing) Technology Consulting Services Co. Ltd


"It’s been a pleasure for us to organise the training seminar! Great knowledge of foreign markets is always welcomed in Tarragona".

Daniel Martín Caballero, Direct General from the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona