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Partners Corner


(MoU partners)

In order to reach to SMEs from the EU and SMP participating countries, the EU SME Centre joins forces with Business Support Organisations (BSOs) in the design, preparation and implementation of joint actions*.
(*At this current stage of the project, the Centre only signs MoUs with Business Support Organisations).

The cooperation between the EU SME Centre and the BSO is formalized with the execution of a MoU. From that moment, the BSO becomes our official partner, the organisation and affiliated SMEs start enjoy additional complimentary benefits, including:

  1. Co-organisation of training workshops and webinars based on the needs of your affiliated SMEs.
  2. Speakers contribution: access to our experts to present at your events and conferences.
  3. Delegation programme development and support: Support in the organisation of B2B matchmaking events and trade missions to China.
  4. Visibility to a larger audience of SMEs in their region as you will be announced as our official partner.
  5. Access to the Centre’s marketing channels to actively promote your China-related events.

Ways of cooperation:

Here are a number of common cooperation models that the Centre has developed to work with partners.

Business Training Workshops - Full-scope training content development including:
- China experts in the field to develop and lecture tailor-made training workshops to your member companies’ needs
- Real life case studies and latest market insights
- Practical advice for participants’ individual business cases.

Speakers for Seminars and Conferences
- Tailor-made presentations to your audience’s businesses
- Research into the recent market
- On-site business consultations
- Distribution of training materials
- Event promotion within our network

Free consultation services to your organisation and your affiliated companies 
- Speed access to our network of experts via:
1) “ask-the-expert” section on our website,
2) email,
3) conferences and workshops, and
4) face-to-face with our Beijing team (upon request and based on availability)
- Access to our network of service providers for additional support.

Delegation Programme Development and Support – our services:
Briefing for delegations at the Centre in Beijing
- One-to-one consultations (typically 30 minutes)
- Additional presentations / business introductions / meetings based on the interest of the delegation
- Providing Centre materials to disseminate.

Co-branded Publications - Increase your visibility among the SMEs in Europe and COSME participating countries by becoming a “supporting partner” of the EU SME Centre’s publications: articles, sector reports, and case studies.

Joint Research - Leverage our China expertise to develop joint research projects for your organisation and SMEs in your region. By becoming a ‘Knowledge Partner’, you will have opportunities to participate in the research and drafting process of a publication in addition to having your logo displaced in a prominent position.

Access to our network - As an EEN Partner in China, the Centre organises brokerage events to bring European and Chinese companies together, facilitating partnership agreements, and offering advice to European SMEs looking to do business in China.
To learn more about EEN, visit: https://een.ec.europa.eu

Contact us to discuss partnership

For more information about how to cooperate with the Centre, please contact the EU SME Centre's Partnership Coordinator.


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Our Partners Said

“On behalf of the Portugal China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I would like to thank you all for the cooperation, but also for you kindness and friendship during the organization. I think there is no doubt that the webinar was a success, the participation was really good not only in numbers but also in the interaction. I hope we can repeat another session soon. From this side, we are completely available.”
- Vitor Costa, Head of North Delegation & Media Affairs, Portugal-China Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“The Centre is a great partner of Enterprise Europe Network and, as Sicindustria team, we love working with our colleagues based in Brussels and China. We have been collaborating for many years now, always with great appreciation by our SMEs, which highly benefit from the Centre’s training sessions, expertise and consultancy. The Centre is a mine of precious knowledge for all the European SMEs interested in entering the Chinese market. They also provided support in the organisation of missions and B2B events, and we know that we can always rely on them, as their commitment represents a real added value.”
- Giada Platania, Head of International Affairs Unit, Enterprise Europe Network

“Thank you for all your devotion in organizing our common initiatives! The training provided the participants with so many useful and practical information.”
- Maria Shapkarova, Entеrprise Europe Network, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“We advise the Centre strongly to our entrepreneurs already operating or starting in China because especially the tools, the guides and the FAQs are of high value to them. It is an excellent example of how such an organization should be: a constructive and result driven cooperation between different knowledge partners in favour of the EU-China business!”
- Petra Van Bouwelen, Manager International Business, Voka Mechelen

"It’s been a pleasure for us to organise the training seminar! Great knowledge of foreign markets is always welcomed in Tarragona".
- Daniel Martín Caballero, Direct General, Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona

"We are very content and proud to have realized this webinar with you. I think it was an extremely good opportunity to demonstrate our local companies and the international attendees how important it is to build up a strategy for penetration into the Chinese market and cultural reality. And also that the EU SME Centre can be of such a substantial help."
- Angel Hronev, Executive Directior, Plovdiv Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Bulgaria

"Thank you and your team for the great collaboration that we established. Really amazing support, interaction and expertise."
- Elena Boyadzhieva, Business Services expert, Plovdiv Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Bulgaria & Enterprise Europe Network

"I have to say that I am using the services of the EU SME Center a lot and I am very satisfied about the valuable content you deliver and the overwhelming help you and your team offer. Thank you!"
- Maxime Pantaleoni, International Affairs, Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg

“Thank you all for your kind support and contribution to the event. I hope you enjoyed it as well. We define today’s event as a beginning for a fruitful cooperation.”
- Burcin Degirmencioglu, Deputy Secretary General of Istanbul Chamber of Industry

“We signed a cooperation protocol with the EU SME Centre to prepare our industrialists for the Chinese market. I think that our industrialists will benefit from this cooperation in a positive way.”
- Erdal Bahcivan, Chairman of Istanbul Chamber of Industry

“Many of our Chinese stakeholders have complimented us on the innovative, international and professional character of this Interclean China event. We could not have achieved this character without the support of the EU SME Centre. We hope to see more opportunities for European SME’s and closer collaboration with the Centre in the future. Thank you again for your support and we look forward to further developing our cooperation and partnership."
- Simon Ding, Managing Director, Rai China

“Thank you all for all the work done, it has been really pleasant working together and hope we will be collaborating in similar initiatives in the future.”
- Ferran H. Casamitjana, International Project Manager, TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme

"At the Slovenian-Chinese Business Council we are very satisfied with the way our cooperation is conducted, the level of professionalism from the side of EU SME Centre, as well as their knowledge on the relevant market information and their network of businesses and individuals in the Chinese market. After receiving feedback from our members, we can say that we look forward to expanding common activities with their team."
- Nina Pejič, Secretary General, Slovenian-Chinese Business Council 


We advise the Centre strongly to our entrepreneurs already operating or starting in China because especially the tools, the guides and the FAQs are of high value to them. It is an excellent example of how such an organization should be: a constructive and result driven cooperation between different knowledge partners in favour of the EU-China business!

- Petra Van Bouwelen, Manager International Business, Voka Mechelen