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Diana Cui

Assistant to the Director & Office Manager & Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Coordinator

Diana has been working as the Assistant to the Director and Office Manager at the EU SME Centre since July 2014. She has contributed comprehensively to the Centre’s services with handling tasks of project management, e.g. project planning and reporting and Leading the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), business development, sectors research, activity organisation, partnership development, office management, human resources and budget management. She has also been involved in legal paperwork drafting, reviewing and editing, such as contracts, proposals, Memorandum of Understanding and enquiries answering & assigning as a continuation. 

Diana joined the Centre as a legal officer in November of 2012. She had answered legal enquires from all 28 EU member states and carried out legal research, participated in legal publication draft, review and edit. She had also contributed to the law database and supervised the enquiry database. 

Before joining the Centre, she had worked with a healthcare institution for 7 years, and then moved to legal field after acquiring her Master of Law degree in Renmin University in 2005 focusing on foreign investments and some practice of litigation. She also acquired a Master of Law degree in the United States in 2010 from the Temple University. Besides, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Management.