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Selling Food & Beverages Online in China | Online Course and Guideline

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About the Course

649 million Chinese are now online and using the internet to purchase goods at an unprecedented level. One area that has grown particularly quickly is online grocery shopping. According to China Internet Watch, online purchases of food occur more frequently than purchases of apparel; at, on average, 34 times a year for packaged food, 24 times year for fresh food and 22 times a year for apparel.

E-commerce for Food & Beverages (F&B) in China is mainly carried out via customer-to-customer (C2C) and business-to-customer (B2C), with the latter type of transaction gaining increasing importance. E-commerce platforms like Tmall and Jing Dong offer online marketplaces and open business opportunities to well-established retailers wanting access to Chinese e-commerce.

This course will lead you into this exciting e-commerce world of China. It will reveal the unique characteristics of Chinese e-commerce platforms, explain the essential aspects of developing a successful business strategy to sell food and beverage online in China, including pricing scheme, payment platform, logistics and marketing. You will not only get a big picture of what is happening in China’s e-commerce world, but also what details you should pay attention to before entering the market.

What's Included

This course consists of one comprehensive guideline and over three hours of video content with quizzes.

You can test your knowledge and understanding of the course with the quizzes and cross check your answers with those provided.

Who is This Course for

Food and beverage manufacturers, exporters, e-commerce and marketing specialists, any organisations and business owners interested in this subject.


Module 1: What are the opportunities in the F&B sector?
  1. Finding the place for your product.  Overview of the most important platforms for FB products and  main differences between each of them (23 minutes)

  2. Tmall and JD overview.  Deeper focus on the two most important B2C  platforms, their business models and store opening procedures (19 minutes)

  3. Cross Border eCommerce and alternative possibilities.  Overview of how Cross Border eCommerce works in China and introduction to other selling possibilities (28 minutes)

  4. Quiz
  5. Case Studies (5 mins)

Preview Module 1 Content on Youtube

Module 2: What to consider when entering the market?

  1. Managing your product online sales.  Pricing and payments methods available in China. Differences in the western methods. (22 minutes) 

  2. Logistics and legal aspects to consider when selling online in China.  Overview of the entry requirements for the product and logistics particularities in China (18 minutes)

  3. Weibo and WeChat’s role in you product promotion.  Description of Weibo and WeChat. Main features and differences between the two platforms (10 minutes)

  4. Summary for module (3 min)

  5. Quiz

Preview Module 2 Content on Youtube:

Module 3: How to develop a strategy for the market?

  1. How to deal with the obstacles?  List of the most important challenges and considerations a company has to take when selling online in China (10 minutes)

  2. How to develop your business plan?  This module will place the main questions the company has to ask itself when developing its strategy (focus, type of store, target, etc.) (16 minutes)

  3. Final considerations and summary of the entry options and recommendations (9 minutes) 

  4. Self-examination (7 minutes)

Preview Module 3 Content on Youtube:

How to Start

  1. Click “Buy Now” button to complete the payment online;
  2. Once your payment is completed, you will receive an email with login link, username and password from DigitalChalk.com;
  3. Log in to your DigitalChalk account to access the course.

If you need any assistance in purchasing the course or have any questions(e.g. make the payment in RMB or pay via bank transfer), please send an email to training@eusmecentre.org.cn;如果您希望以人民币支付或通过银行转账付款,请发邮件至training@eusmecentre.org.cn.

The included guideline How to Sell Your Food & Beverage Products Online in China is available for purchasing separately at 100 EUR. Take a look at the guideline content here.

About the Trainer

Pablo Recio Gracia, EU SME Centre Expert

Pablo has extensive experience in supporting European small businesses in the Chinese market, particularly in the food and drink sector.

He is a specialist in market access for food and beverages to China, and assists companies in setting up in China, finding business partners, understanding technical barriers, developing market entry strategies and positioning products in the market.

Pablo is Managing Director of Eibens and has been living in China since 2005. He previously worked for public agencies including ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) and Extenda (Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia) as well as private companies.

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