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The Football Industry in China

By Grupo Peñaflor | Guidelines      11.03.2019     Tags: Leisure and recreation

With a total population of 1.38 billion, China is estimated to have as many as 300 million football fans, a large number of whom support European football clubs. This includes Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has encouraged the development of football in China in his time in office. Real Madrid CF has 127 million supporters in China, Manchester United FC has 107 million, Inter Milan and AC Milan both have 106 million, and FC Bayern Munich has 90 million. To better serve their Chinese fans, European football clubs have built up both their online and offline presences in China.

Because of the growing Chinese economy, the increase in consumer purchasing power, pro-growth policies, and significant investment from both private and public sources, the Chinese market for football has become more attractive to European companies. This is reflected in the high prices paid by those in the Chinese market for broadcasting rights in China, for high-profile football players and managers, and for well-known European football clubs themselves.

This report provides an overview of China’s football market and analyses the structure of Chinese football leagues (both professional and amateur), coaching and training, football schools, and the regulatory environment, with the latter covering China’s football governing body, and the regulations it has issued.

There are opportunities and challenges in China’s football industry; to illustrate them, this report will offer recommendations and highlight case studies within the sectors of football training, football retail, and brand licensing, through which EU SMEs will be able to better understand and access the growing Chinese football market.

Key Contents

  • Market Size
  • Market Growth Drivers
  • China's Football League Structure
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Opportuniites
  • Challenges
  • Market Recommendations
  • Case Studies
  • Annex
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