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How to Set Up a Cross-Border E-Commerce Shop in WeChat

By EU SME Centre | Guidelines      14.01.2018     Tags:

The recent boom of cross-border e-commerce in China has opened opportunities to EU SMEs to directly sell to the Chinese consumers.

Some of the advantages of this trading trend list as follows:

  • Quick process to authorize the import of the product;

  • Higher brand gross margin;

  • Consumer data available to the brand.

In line with modern China, CBEC is mobile based. The above advantages and more are implemented by setting up a WeChat shop, China’s premier application through which Chinese netizens interact, purchase goods, acquire information, learn about trends, compare prices and products and, influence others.

Setting up your own CBEC WeChat shop and operating it will also bring some challenges. In fact, after making your product customer-ready you will need to capture consumers’ attention with an effective marketing campaign.

This guideline provides a full explanation of all the elements involved in the process of setting-up your own cross-border WeChat shop and will help you prepare your e-commerce plan for China. 

Key Contents

1. Background

2.  The Key Factors

·        CBEC is Booming

·        WeChat’s Unparalleled Success in China

·        Pilot Free -Trade Zones

·        Consumption as the Lever to Lift China’s Economy

·        Reaction to the Negative Effects of InefficientGeneral Trade

·        Making China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ)Part of the Solution

·        A More Discerning Middle Class

3.  The Supply Chain

·        The Upstream Flow of Goods to the Chinese Consumer

·        The downstream Flow of Payments to the EU ShopOwner

·        Returns

4.  The Building Blocks

·        The WeChat Account

·        The WeChat Shop

·        Consumer Payment Options

·        Warehouse and Logistics Operator at the FTZ

·        Foreign Gateway to China’s Payment Providers

5.  The Procedure

·      The CBEC List

·        Trademark Registration

·        Selecting a Pilot Free Trade Zone

·        Select a Logistics Operator

·        Registering the Product at China Inspection and Quarantine

·        Open a WeChat Official Account

·        Set up the WeChat Store

·        Integrating a Payment Method with the WeChatStore

·        Open a Bank Account in China

·        Selecting a Payment Gateway

6.      The Pros and Cons of a CBEC Shop in WeChat for EU SMEs

7.      The Missing Piece: Digital Marketing

8.      Turnkey Solution

9.      Conclusion

10.  Annexes

·        EU SME Centre’s CBEC Shop Solution

·        Calculation of CBEC Market Size, Business-to-Consumers Only

·        Webinar

·        Digital Marketing

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