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Exporting Cosmetics to China (Regulations Update 2019)

By eusme | Guidelines      06.11.2019     Tags: Healthcare

China’s cosmetic market has been booming in recent years and became the world’s 2nd largest market. China’s cosmetic products market was valued at EUR 42 billion in 2017 and it is projected to almost double in value by the end of 2023.

The cosmetic market potential in China is enormous thanks to the growing appetite of the rising middle class of the world’s most populated country, whereas it was estimated that only 10% of the population was using cosmetics regularly in 2015. In other words, the penetration rate of cosmetics in China has great potential.

However, before you start exporting cosmetic products to China, it is important to understand what regulations and market access rules SMEs need to comply with, to avoid unnecessary time and financial cost. In fact, China has been improving its regulatory system of cosmetics and China’s market access requirements on cosmetics changes recently. One significant change is the premarket approval requirement when using the traditional general mode of exporting cosmetics to China. Moreover, China has updated new policies on the Cross-border E-commerce mode as well after the introduction of the new E-commerce Law in January 2019.

This report provides a detailed explanation of the policies and regulations of both the general mode and E-commerce mode of exporting cosmetics to China. It closes with a clear and comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to export cosmetics to China.

Table of Contents

1.           Market Overview

2.           Definition and Classification of Cosmetics in China

  • Definition
  • Classification

3. Competent Authority of cosmetics

4. Market Access Requirements Updates

  • Registration and filing requirements
  • Labelling
  • Special measures for Overseas Cosmetic Manufacturers

5. CBEC Policy and Ecommerce Law

  • China’s CBEC Policy Updates in 2019
  • CBEC Tax Scheme and Calculation Formula
  • China’s First-ever E-commerce Law

6. Policy and Regulations Updates

  • Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation
  • Administrative Measures for Non-Special Use Cosmetics (Draft)
  • Other regulation in process of revision

7. Guide to Exporting Cosmetics to China

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