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Digital Marketing Essentials for China (Update 2020)

By eusme | Guidelines      02.04.2020     Tags:

To bridge the gap between EU SMEs and the digital landscape of China, we present this guideline on Digital Marketing Essentials. In order to compete with local and large foreign companies, European companies need to fully understand China’s digital landscape and its users. It is only when EU SMEs understand this that they can gain serious ground in China’s fast moving economy.

Worldwide we perceive the benefits of big data for companies, in China this is no different. However, China made its transition to the mobile digital landscape much faster than elsewhere and companies reap the benefits by looking at user data, including geolocation, gender and even zodiac sign. Unfortunately, EU SMEs often lack the resources to make full use of what China’s digital landscape can offer.

This guideline provides a clear estimate of the costs of a marketing campaign in China but also aims to answer questions such as “How does the digital landscape look in China? What is the benefit of Key Opinion Leaders? And how do I reap the benefits of the available data tools?”

We help you to navigate through China’s digital landscape, with an overview of the most used applications and platforms. Moreover, this guideline explains how to gather knowledge from and on your (potential) customers and how the Chinese consumer walks through the steps from initial though to eventual purchase. Lastly, it provides an overview of local social media agencies and where to find the Key Opinion Leaders that can make your business grow.

As the Centre assists EU SMEs to enter the Chinese market, we believe this guideline on Digital Marketing Essentials provides the missing link between EU SMEs and China’s digital landscape, its wide range of apps and the astonishing ways in which these are used for reaching, gaining and retaining your customers.

This guideline provides you with the necessary insights to not only enter but also gain from the digital landscape in China.

This report functions as an essential introduction to the China digital landscape, it is broad in nature to allow EU SMEs as the readers to dive into subjects as relevant without redundancy to other EUSME Centre reports on:

Table of Contents

1. Digital Adoption in China and the Audience It Speaks To

  • A Brief History of Digital Adoption
  • Who Is My Audience

2. Introduction to Prominent Digital Platforms: E-commerce, Social Networks and Search Engines

  • E-commerce and Prominent Marketplaces
  • Tech Giant Ecosystems and Super Apps
  • Social Networks and Their Significance on the User Journey

3. Marketing Fundamentals in China

  • Chinese Consumer Online Purchasing Journey
  • How to Adapt to the Chinese Context
  • Data Collection and Analytics
  • Budget



The EU SME Centre Phase II officially runs out on April 6, 2020. Publications remain available for downloading for EU SME users of the website. For further queries on the reports, you are recommended to contact the authors directly or email at info@eusmecentre.org.cn.

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