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Exhibition | All day Nov 10 2021 - Nov 12 2021, 2021
New International Expo Centre
China International Exhibitions (CIE) Ltd.
by EU SME Centre

First introduced in 1994, FHC is held annually in Shanghai and focuses exclusively on imported and top-quality products; it now represents the benchmark for international companies looking to collaborate with markets in China and Asia. FHC’s main exhibits including Seafood, High-end dairy Products & Oils; Tea & Coffee, Bakery & Gelato; Snacks, Confectionary & Chocolate; High-end Food Supply Chain; Catering design & decoration. Thematic pavilions are also organised, covering e.g. canned food, international catering supply chain, and hot pot supplies. FHC also hosts other thematic exhibitions such as the International Trade Fair for Wine and Spirits (ProWine China), the Shanghai International Franchising Expo (SFE), etc. In the last 2019 edition, FHC hosted 15 exhibition halls covering 180,000 square meters, attracting more than 3,500 exhibitors and brands, nearly half of which international, accounting for an average of 15,000 products displayed every day. Several EU countries regularly participate every year.
Venue: New International Expo Centre
Organiser: China International Exhibitions (CIE) Ltd.
Organiser Details: Alex Ni / Jenny You Tel: +86 21 3339 2242/2227 Alex.Ni@imsinoexpo.com; Jenny.You@imsinoexpo.com

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