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European SME Week Webinar Series Part 1: Selling Online in China

  • Type :Event
  • Date :Nov 25, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm, 2013

To mark this year’s European SME Week, the EU SME Centre is inviting you to a five-part webinar series dedicated to preparing your business for entry to the Chinese market. We have selected the most essential questions raised by you over the course of the past year and invited industry experts to discuss them online.

Part 1 of the series is dedicated to online selling in China. The fast growth of e-commerce presents an attractive opportunity for European SMEs to access Chinese markets, allowing them to promote their goods across a large geographical area, for relatively little cost. As the growth of online selling in China continues to reach remarkable levels, it is essential to keep track of the latest trends in terms of market opportunities, strategies, tools and best practices.

It is in this context that the EU SME Centre is inviting you to a webinar on selling online in China, which will cover:

  • why EU SMEs should be considering online selling in China;
  • understanding Chinese online shopper;
  • ways to sell online: how to get your goods to market;
  • how to develop a strong online marketing strategy;
  • pros and cons to go C2C vs. B2C.

Attendance is free for EU SMEs and intermediaries such as chambers of commerce, embassies and trade promotion agencies. After registration you will receive an email containing technical information on how to join the webinar.

About the speaker

Karl Alberts has been active in the ICT sector for more than 25 years. After founding a consulting company specialised in IT in 1988, he became Global Manager of Business Analysis for Ericsson Mobile in 1995 before taking the position of Marketing Manager at Netgiro Systems, one of the first online payment service providers in Europe, in 2000. Karl has been working in e-commerce ever since, being responsible for emerging markets, with a focus on China, at Paynova. In 2009 he founded a joint venture providing e-commerce solutions to Chinese and overseas merchants selling online. While witnessing the fast growth of online selling in China from an inside perspective, Karl has become familiar with most key e-commerce platforms, supporting merchants to market and sell their products on JD.com, Tmall and Amazon.cn.

Please note that this webinar is part of a five-part series also including the following:

26.11.: Part 2: Avoiding Common Scams when Doing Business in China

27.11.: Part 3: Marketing your Products in China

28.11.: Part 4: Finding an Agent/Distributor in China

29.11.: Part 5: Applying for the CCC Mark in China

You can find the recorded video on Youtube: