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DBSino Consulting Co., Ltd.

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    Banking and Financial Services, Consulting, Distributors, Sales Agents, Importers, Due diligence, Human resources, Investments, Legal Services, Logistics, Market Research and Analysis, Real Estate and Commercial Office Solutions, Trade Promotion, Translation and Interpretation

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    Chinese, English

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Contact Info

Doris Chen

Tapping overseas SMEs;

Business Development Department

T: +86 10 80501099
Mob: 13521207773
E: doris.chen@dbsino.com


Rm. 905, Shengshi Bldg. A,  98 Jianguo Rd., Chaoyang Dist., Beijing

Company background

We are a professional B2B consulting service provider initiated in 2007 in Beijing, offering three business consulting services: market research, one-stop service for foreign SMEs and business information & risk control. Our one-stop service is especially designed for foreign SMEs who are intending to tap and open up Chinese markets.

We served many of top 500 enterprises with such services as market access, investment feasibility study, competitive intelligence, due diligence, credit risk management, channel research, marketing diagnosis, pricing research, product positioning, market segmentation, brand image, and so on.

Thanks to word of mouth and sound credit, we have increasing clients and are accumulating abundant expertise and experience, as well as a large number of clients based in Europe, USA, Japan and Korea. We are capable of assisting foreign SMEs in tapping Chinese markets on a convenient and efficient basis.

Our services focus on almost all market research services, covering industry research, market size and market segmentation, market access research, investment feasibility analysis, competitive intelligence, due diligence, etc. The projects we delivered cover environmental protection, medical instrument and consumables, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, building materials, and so on.

We are graded as Official Osec Expert status (senior consultant) by Osec’s Pool of Experts of Osec (http://www.poolofexperts.ch/en/experts/mao-luo/) and honored as the best market research service provider of China. We are also a member of China market research service provider of the US Department of Commerce (http://export.gov/china/bsp/index.asp?bsp_cat=80141500).