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Everwines and Organic Farm - Going Online in the F&B Sector

By EU SME Centre | Case Studies      30.08.2011     Tags: Food & Beverages

Everwines.com, a B2C channel of TORRES CHINA, is an online wine retailer that has been selling wines from renowned wine-producing regions and family-owned wineries to the Chinese market since May 2010. TORRES CHINA, which is now one of the biggest wine distributors in China, was established by Miguel Torres in 1997 with the integration of Baron Philippe de Rothschild as a key shareholder in 2007. TORRES CHINA retails wine products through its own retail stores and runs wine appreciation events. Most Everwines customers are white collar office workers who have a preference for foreign wines and who are used to shopping online.

Organic Farm, a local Chinese company founded in 2000, specialises in organic produce. It offers domestically grown organic fruits and vegetables, as well as imported pre-packaged organic foods from Europe and Asia. The company’s fresh produce is available in major supermarkets, and both fresh produce and imported products can be home delivered. In 2005, it began a home delivery service over email and phone, and in 2008 launched an online portal for home delivery orders. Organic Farm first developed its business in Beijing where it currently has 1200 online customers, and has gradually extended its service around China. In Shanghai, the company now has 500 customers, and delivers to restaurants and hotels in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

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