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Food and Catering Industry in China’s Hunan Province

By EU SME Centre | Article      11.06.2016     Tags: Food & Beverages

Located in central China, Hunan is a province known as “the land of fish and rice”. 

The food and catering is one of the most important sectors in Hunan, which achieved 447.6 billion yuan in terms of the prime operating revenue in 2015. Hunan cuisine, as one of the eight traditional Chinese cuisines, created revenue of around 125.9 billion yuan. The province also has a big consumer market, with its total retailing sales of consumer goods reached 1202.397 billion yuan in 2015.

The capital city Changsha serves as an important intersection of three high-speed railway lines including the Beijing-Guangzhou line, Shanghai-Kunming line and Chongqing-Xiamen line. Additionally, the throughput of Changsha Huanghua International Airport ranked first in central China for years. The five-hour economic circle covers approximately 600 million populations in the country. The city has also become a regional hub that attracts talents, capitals and businesses. 

In this context, Hunan government will organise 2016 China Food & Catering Expo (CFCE) in Changsha from September 9th -12th that aims to provide an opportunity for more international businesses to connect with the local market. 

To learn more about the CFCE and ways to participate in the exhibition, visit the page here: http://www.eusmecentre.org.cn/event/2016-09-09/china-food-catering-expo-2016

The information and data in this article was provided by Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce 

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