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Centre Expert Offers Insights into China’s ICT Market

By EU SME Centre | Article      14.09.2015     Tags: Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The EU SME Centre in collaboration with our implementing partner BenCham organised a new edition of EU SME Seminar Series in Beijing on September 11th, focusing on the emerging trends in China’s ICT market and cyber security issues faced by SMEs.
More than 30 participants from a wide range of industries attended the seminar and benefited from practical knowledge provided by the Centre expert Rafael Jimenez. During the presentation, Rafael highlighted opportunities for SMEs in a number of key subsectors in China’s ICT market. Jorn Knutsen from CANDIS Group Limited discussed how SMEs could better protect their business from cyber security perspective.
To learn more about the ICT market in China, download the Centre’s sector report here.
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