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Advice Centre Overview

By EU SME Centre | Article      01.02.2015     Tags: Others

Following the launch of our second phase, the Centre has deepened its level of support to SMEs looking to export their products and services to China or looking to set up in China. We now offer a range of Technical Solutions to help you develop your business further in the market. Our in-house experts provide support via our Advice Centre and work with you to provide General & Technical Advice (free-of-charge) and Technical Solutions (paid-for service) focussing on your specific business case.

If you are looking for a Technical Solution, here is a list of the areas in which we can help:

  • Contracts checking - reviewing and giving advice on structure and content, so that you are well briefed and have the right documents when you sign your business deals or seek professional legal services.

This includes major contracts related to investment and exporting to China, such as sales\purchase contracts, service, lease and employment contracts, contracts with agents and so on. We also offer advice on other legal documents including articles of association, joint venture contracts, memorandums of understanding and others.

  • Partner verification - giving you an independent analysis of the business partner, so that you can make timely and informed business decisions.

Based on documents provided by you (such as a business licence, organisational code, legal representative ID) we can verify information about a Chinese company using various sources and public databases. We analyse gathered information and provide an independent opinion to supplement your business decision.

  • Distributor/agent search - saving you time by identifying potential distributors/agents with experience dealing with your product in China. Advising on approach, contractual agreements and next steps.

The research we carry out on potential distributors\agents looks at their management and financial stability, product and service knowledge including experience in handling a client’s products, their knowledge of the local market and sales and marketing capabilities.

  • Market access guidance - helping you to decode the regulatory environment for importing your product to China. Explaining the standards that apply to your product and how to navigate customs.

Our experts can help to clarify customs procedures for importing goods to China. We shed light on standards, product labelling requirements and China's Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Administration processes. You can also get support on the China Compulsory Certification mark and understand what types of product it applies to, as well as help on other types of mandatory certification.

To ask our experts a question, or to set up a preliminary business consultation, contact our Advice Centre

Listed below are the types of general enquiries we receive:

  • Is there a market in China for our product?
  • How can we find a distributor?
  • What regulations apply to our business if we set up in China? 
  • We have been contacted by a Chinese company and we suspect it might be a scam. How can we check it?
  • We intend to import our product to China. Do we need to apply for the CCC mark?
  • We are importing wine to China. What information should be included on the label?
  • What are the key challenges to hire staff in China?

To get general advice to these questions, you can either post them via our online ‘Ask-the-Expert’ platform to contact one of our in-house experts, or check our online Knowledge Centre that contains more than 100 sector reports and guidelines.

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