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Book a Training Workshop with Our China Experts

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Plan a training session in your city with our leading China experts, ranging from half-day, one-day to two-days. 
Please note that fees will apply.

1. China's Cross-Border E-Commerce & Free Trade Zones

Learn which products are allowed to be sold cross-border in China, how to find an online platform to sell them, and how to facilitate your sales in China with a faster market entrance. Get the information you need to begin your e-commerce plan for China. View the programme.

2. How to Sell Food and Beverage Products to China

Easily navigate through China’s import regulations using our first-hand best practices and practical tips and apply them to your own business. This one-day workshop is designed to support you to successfully export your food & beverage (F&B) products to China.Whether you are a business owner, department director, exporting manager, or specialist, you will get a solid foundation for planning and managing your products to China effectively. View the programme.
Expert: Rafael Jimenez - see bio here.
Language: English, Spanish
Book a Workshop with Rafael


3. How to Sell Online in China

Stay ahead of the e-commerce boom and find out how selling online can help drive your business further in China. Learn about market access requirements, intellectual property protection, product compliance, logistics and customs when selling cross-border. Understand which online platforms and payment options work best for your business, what are the consumer preferences for your product, how to optimise your digital marketing and get the step-by-step guide to setting up a shop online in China. View the programme.

Expert: Dimitry Van Toorn - View his Linkedin profile here.

Language: English, Dutch or German.
Availability: Thursdays and Fridays.
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4. China Legal Essentials

Choose from Drafting Contracts, Managing HR, Mitigating Business Risk, or Setting Up in China
Learn how to manage contract terms, conduct due diligence, and reduce business risk when exporting to, or selling in China. Go through in detail the key provisions of a sales contract, or get to grips with every step involved in setting up a legal entity in China. View the programmes: How to Draft Sales Contracts when Exporting to ChinaHow to Manage HR Issues in China

Expert: Ludmila Hyklova - see bio here.

Language: English, Czech.

Book a Workshop with Ludmila


5. Developing a WeChat Strategy for Business 

Tap into China’s 700 million WeChat users and understand what they like and dislike about your products and services. Understand how WeChat can improve your stakeholder communications and build a community to keep professional readers more engaged. Follow how to use WeChat as an export tool, how to generate demand for your brand, and how long it takes to set all this up. View the programme.

Expert: Matthew Brennan - view his Linkedin profile here.

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6. Tackling a Changing China

Learn about the macro-economic perspective of doing business in China. What are the latest industry trends and the policies that are driving change. Understand the opportunities across sectors, with a focus on Made in China 2025, Industry 4.0 and e-commerce trends. Build your strategy in this business climate and learn which support tools can help. View the programme.

Martina Gerst, Market Access Advisor, EU SME Centre

China expertise: supply chain management, organisational development, IPR protection

Dr Martina Gerst provides advice for European SMEs on market access issues across ten different sectors. She is a contributor to a number of inter-governmental projects between the EU and China that span a range of areas such technology, IP, or new energy vehicles. These projects draw on Martina’s professional experience in Europe, the US and China over two decades. During this time Martina held various senior positions for leading international companies and SMEs. Martina holds a PhD and an LLM in Innovation, Technology, and Law from the University of Edinburgh in the UK.

Language: English, German

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Chris Cheung, Director, EU SME Centre

China expertise: market research, market entry strategy, business management

Chris has been identifying market opportunities and providing market access advice to companies entering the Chinese market for the past ten years. As EU SME Centre Director, Chris leads an international team of experts in providing practical, up-to-date business advice in a wide range of industries including ICT, renewable energy and food and beverages. He holds a Master’s degree in Chinese and Business from the University of Leeds.

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