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The Medical Devices Market in China

By EU SME Centre | Report      16.06.2015     Tags: Healthcare

The sales of medical devices in China have increased rapidly over the last decade, reaching a total value of CNY 255.6 billion (EUR 36 billion) at the end of 2014.
On account of an ageing population, increased awareness of diseases and growing expenditure on healthcare, the sector is expected to continue to expand in the coming years. Competition in the market is strong, with foreign companies concentrated in the high-end segment and Chinese companies occupying the mid-to-low end section.
Regulation-wise, even though China’s healthcare system and medical device regulations can often be challenging to understand, the PRC’s government has recently implemented a set of new measures aimed at increasing the standardisation of the market and promoting its development. Such trends will provide EU SMEs with a new set of opportunities, provided that the right preparation is made to face existing challenges.
This report aims to provide an overview of China’s medical device industry with an introduction to relevant government bodies, China’s medical device classifications system, current market situation, as well as presenting potential opportunities and challenges for EU SMEs. 
Download our report to find out about:
  • Buyer segmentation in the market
  • Consumption trends
  • Supply chain structure
  • Hospital operations and procurement process in the Chinese market
  • Advice on pricing, branding and intellectual property protection
  • Finding local partners  
  • List of major exhibitions and associations in china
  • Case studies
This report is compiled in partnership with the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC).
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