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EU SME Centre Successfully Hosts WeChat Cross-border Workshops in 12 EU Countries

By EU SME Centre | Press Article      09.07.2018     Tags:

WeChat, the integrated platform that combines messages, browser and mobile payment, is the home screen of Chinese consumers, through which one can acquire information, learn about trends, compare prices and products. 

Because of the conjunction of the aforementioned elements, as well as the confidence of the Chinese government and the booming of cross-border e-commerce in China, the possibility of implementing a cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) shop on WeChat represents an alternative to general trade, a new door to enter the Chinese market, sell to and interact directly with the Chinese consumers.

To make EU SMEs aware of the benefits of this trade model and to inform them on the steps required to set up, operate and benefit from their CBEC WeChat Shop, the EU SME Centre organised in June a roadshow of workshops throughout EU. 

With the support of local intermediary organisations, the EU SME Centre Expert Rafael Jimenez has visited 12 EU countries and trained more than 400 EU SMEs

Each stop combined the theoretical aspects of the shop building blocks and the practical aspects of how to run the shop in a cost-effective manner, thanks to Brian Goff and Felim Meade who brought their real-life case study to the audience

The peculiarity of the workshop was the dedicated WeChat group created in advance which acts as a forum to inquire about specific aspects of the topic and as a networking platform for EU SME Centre staff and EU SMEs to interact and share experiences and advice. 

The building and the operation of a CBEC WeChat requires a careful planning and especially a considerable knowledge of the Chinese market as it will also bring some challenges. For this reason, the EU SME Centre has included in its portfolio of business solutions the service of building a CBEC shop via WeChat. The solution includes providing support on registering your trademarks, registering your products at customs authorities, and setting up your account on WeChat. The service also includes the drafting of a tailored digital marketing strategy for the promotion of your products or services. 

To have an overall look at the elements involved in the process of building and profiting from a CBEC shop, the EU SME Centre has also published a complete guideline on How to Set Up a Cross-Border Shop in WeChat which will help you prepare your e-commerce plan for China. 

Selected Event Photos

(June 7, Frankfurt - with IHK Frankfurt, IHK Darmstadt and the Diplomatic Council)

(June 18, Valencia - with Camara Valencia and Casa Asia)

(June 21, Athens - with Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce, the Athens Chamber of Commerce and the PRAXI Network (Coordinator of Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas)

(June 26, Stockholm - with Sweden-China Trade Council and Invest Stockholm)

(June 28, Palermo - with Sicindustria)

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