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EU SME Centre Publishes Report on SME Policy Environment in China

By EUSME Centre | Press Article      19.07.2018     Tags:

In the past years, the policy environment for SMEs in China has undergone a significant transformation. In order to provide a clear picture of the changes that have taken place recently, the EU SME Centre has produced a report that sets out to analyse the most relevant developments affecting SMEs operating in China.

The structure of the document, which includes an Annex, consists of three parts: an introduction to SMEs in China, an analysis of the policy environment, and a conclusion. The report touches upon policy developments in the areas of financing and reduction of the financial burden, administrative procedures, SME market development, Intellectual Property and protection of the rights of SMEs among others.

The report concludes that, while there has been a considerable improvement when it comes to the formulation of policies that support SME development in China, there is still room for improvement, especially on issues specific to European SMEs. Thus, the work of European institutions, business associations and European-funded projects such as the EU SME Centre is still indispensable in order to continue giving voice to the European SMEs operating in China and ensuring a level-playing field vis-à-vis their Chinese counterparts.

To view the full report, download it from this webpage.

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