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China WeChat Shop Solution: Making it Easier to Access the Chinese Market

By EUSME Centre | Press Article      11.12.2017     Tags:

Beijing, December 11th - The EU SME Centre, together with Emerald Green Consulting, is glad to announce the launching of the “China WeChat Shop Solution”!

At a time where cross-border e-commerce is shaping more and more Chinese consumer’s purchasing habits, this service is aimed at accelerating the introduction of products from European SMEs to the Chinese market.

Emerald Green Consulting through its Emerald Green Baby company specialises in selling health & beauty products through Chinese e-commerce platforms and, with a strong expertise in developing marketing campaigns for the Chinese market, will be providing the China WeChat Shop Solution which will help European small businesses along the journey to selling their products via WeChat. The Solution helps the European SMEs tackle the complexities of registering their trademarks, registering their products at customs authorities, setting up an account on WeChat and then promoting their products through digital marketing strategies.

“Through the China WeChat Shop Solution, EU SMEs will be supported throughout the entire process; from registering their product at CIQ, setting up a shop on WeChat, through to selling their products to the Chinese customer”, Chris Cheung, Director of the EU SME Centre.

“We are very excited to be working with the EU SME Centre to help other European companies access the world’s largest online market”, Brian Goff co-founder Emerald Green Consulting.

For more information about the service, you can watch the webinar on “How to Build, Operate and Profit from a Cross-Border WeChat Shop in China”, here.

For further enquiries on how to tailor the solution to your business’ needs, you can contact the EU SME Centre team at wechatshop@eusmecentre.org.cn

About Emerald Green Consulting

With 60 years retail and business experience, Brian Goff and Felim Maede founded Emerald Green Consulting. The company specializes in selling health and beauty products through Chinese e-commerce platforms and has a strong expertise in drafting marketing campaigns for the Chinese market. For more information visit www.emeraldgreenconsulting.eu

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