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Business Exit: What Do You Need to Know When Closing Down a Company in China

  • Tipo :Webinar
  • Date :Jul 12, All day, 2017
  • Venue :Online

Closing down a company is a complicated project in itself. Due to the heavier control of the administrative burden in China, such projects are more complex, time consuming and costly in the country than other jurisdictions. Preparation is the key to successful liquidation. This webinar provides an overall picture of how to close down a company in China, its related procedures and common issues.

By watching this webinar, your company will understand three exit options, namely voluntary closure, compulsory dissolution and bankruptcy. The voluntary closure will be the main focus. You will learn the administrative procedures in steps when launching the voluntary closure. Most importantly, this webinar will share insightful recommendations most important to European companies, including a full tax, social, and administrative compliance, registered information at the administration and securing key documents.


  • Introduction
  1. Exit Options
  2. Voluntary Closure
  3. Company Dissolution
  4. Bankruptcy
  • First Step
  1. Termination Package
  2. Final Settlement
  3. After Employment Termination
  4. Creditors
  5. Customers
  6. Assets
  • Administrative Procedures & Timeline
  • Points of Attention
  1. Compliance
  2. Registered Information
  3. Securing Key Documents
  • Conclusion

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About the Speaker

Thomas Granjard

Financial Consultant Senior Manager, Mazars

Thomas is a Senior Manager at the Accounting & Outsourcing Services practice of Mazars in Beijing. He has more than 12 years of experience in China, of which 9 years working with Mazars. He has advised more than fifty foreign companies with their day-to-day operations in China, mainly the European SMEs. Thomas is regularly consulted by foreign investors on structuring operations in China and across the Asia-Pacific region. He gives regular presentations at conferences on accounting, tax and other compliance aspects in China.

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