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Guideline on Visa and Residence Permit Application in China

By EU SME Centre | Guidelines      13.01.2015     Tags: Other

Applying for, and obtaining, a visa to enter China has never been an easy process. Since September 2013 visas for foreigners and residence permits are issued according to a new Regulation on Entry and Exit of Foreigners to China, which brings several new elements.

This guideline covers general procedures related to visas for business and working purposes, and residence permits, and highlights what documents are required in each case.

The new Regulation (Administrative Regulations of PRC on the Entry and Exit of Foreigners (Order No. 637 of State Council) updated the current visa system and introduced several changes to the application process for residence permits.  At the same time, the Regulations abolished previous administrative regulations on the entry and exit of foreigners. 

Currently, in order to travel to China, a foreigner can apply for one of the following types of visas:


·         Business (M visa)

·         Work (Z visa)

·         Visitor (F visa)

·         Tourist  (L visa)

·         Student (X visa)

·         Journalist (J visa)

·         Family reunion (Q visa)

·         Personal affair (S visa)

·         Transit ( G visa)

·         Foreign talents (R visa)

·         Crew (C visa)

·         Permanent residence (D visa)


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