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Webinar: Regional Cities in China - Opportunities for EU SMEs in Chengdu

  • Type :Webinar
  • Date :Apr 17, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm, 2014
  • Venue :Online
  • Contact :info[at]eusmecentre.org.cn

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, is a major economic and cultural hub in Western China. The city, which holds sub-provincial administrative status, currently has a population of over 14 million, expected to rise to around 20 million by 2020. Besides being famous as the home of the Panda, Chengdu is well known for being one of the most liveable cities in the country.

Today Chengdu is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for foreign investors. In 2013 foreign trade surpassed EUR 36.3 billion, representing 78% of the total of Sichuan. With GDP and disposable income growth rates consistently surpassing the national average, Chengdu is bound to become one of the next hot spots for European products and investment.

Watch this webinar and learn more about:

  • the EU Project Innovation Centre (Chengdu), EEN West China;
  • the city of Chengdu, social and economic data;
  • the different development areas and high-tech zones;
  • key sectors and opportunities for EU SMEs in Chengdu;
  • recommendations and advice: why should EU SMEs choose Chengdu?
  • information on exhibitions, useful links and tools.


About the Speaker

Mr. Andre Li is a senior management staff of the EU Project Innovation Centre (EUPIC) and currently acts as Chief Representative at the EUPIC EU Office in Brussels. While performing his duties in Brussels, Mister Li is in close contact with Enterprise Europe Network partners from the 28 EU Member States, focusing his attention on strengthening social and economic cooperation between Chengdu, Western China, and Europe. Mr. LI has a wealth of experience in the promotion of EU-China collaboration in business, trade, investment and technology transfer.

Before joining EUPIC, Mr. Li worked as Senior Executive Secretary to the Vice President of Hainan Airline Group for five years, followed by ten years of senior project management work in EU-China bilateral cooperation for the Directorate General for Development and Cooperation of the European Commission.

Andre Li graduated from Nanjing University of Science and Technology in 1995, receiving a diploma in foreign trade. In 2002 he received a masters degree in horticulture economics from the University of Hannover, Germany.

You can find the recorded video on Youtube:

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