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Webinar: How to be successful in China's machinery industry?

  • Type :Webinar
  • Date :Jan 29, All day, 2013

The Chinese machinery industry has been undergoing continuous growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 25% in the last ten years. Benefiting from a colossal domestic demand, China has become the largest machinery producer in the world in terms of total output value. Even as a mature market in China, the Chinese machinery sector is still undergoing upgrades and re-structuring driven by urbanisation and industrialisation. 

In view of the frequent enquiries received by the EU SME Centre in the Chinese machinery industry, our Webinar will provide you: 

  • Market overview featuring  information on market size, structure and sub-sectors of China’s machinery industry, 
  • Growth drivers and trends in key sub-sectors, 
  • Regulatory framework, 
  • Opportunities and challenges for EU SMEs, as well as 
  • Other information such as exhibitions, industry associations and other useful links relevant to machinery.

You can find the recorded video on Youtube: